Ma Vie

Ma vie en rose

Ma vie en rose (English translation: My Life in Pink) is a 1997 French film directed by Alain Berliner. It tells the story of Ludovic, who was born a boy and who consistently insists that he's supposed to be a girl. The film shows the struggle over gender identity he and his family go through.

Title and names

The film's title may be intended as a reference to the famous chanson La vie en rose. In the song, being en rose (in pink) means being in love, but in the film it refers to Ludovic's female gender identity.

The film features a European doll that is a clone of Barbie, named Le monde de Pam. The brand is fictional.

The tomboy girl near the end of the film has the same first name as screenwriter Chris Vander Stappen, who has written and directed several movies involving lesbian relationships.


Although internationally presented as a Belgian film due to the nationality of the director and screenwriter, the film is an international co-production between companies in Belgium, the UK and France, with the majority of the production work being done by the French independent film house Haut et Court, and the shooting taking place near Évry, south of Paris.

The color timing in the film is significant: it changes as parents exit from the school play, switching to cold blue tones.

American Controversy

In the United States the film was rated R by the MPAA, a controversial decision because the film has minimal sexual content, minimal violence, and mild language. Those opposed to the rating feel that the rating was the result of transphobia.


The film won the Crystal Globe award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in 1997 and Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 55th Golden Globe Awards in 1998.

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