MP 89

MP 89

The MP 89 is a rubber tired variant of electric multiple units used on Paris's Métro system. Designed by Roger Tallon, two types are built by GEC Alsthom (now Alstom) for service on Line 1 and 14.


The MP 89 class were developed initially when the need to replace the original rubber tyres MP 55 cars of Line 11 was identified, and rollingstock was required for the new Line 14. This was to be achieved by the construction of this new class of cars for Lines 1 and 14, with the cascading of refurbished MP 59 stock from Line 1 to lines 11 and 4. Two types were designed, the driverless MP 89 CA for the automated Line 14, and MP 89 CC for the manually driven line 1. Both subclasses are visually similar except for the provision of a drivers cab in the outer end of the MP 89 CC cars.

Line 1

The MP 89 CC is run on Line 1, which is manually controlled by the driver. It replaced its older MP 59 counterparts. The first train for line 1 was delivered in September 1995. 52 6-car trains were ordered for Line 1.

Experimental program is underway on selected train-sets on an LCD passenger information system (Dilidam).

Line 14

The MP 89 CA operates on the Line 14, and is best known for being fully automatic without the use of any driver or cab. Similar to the Metropolis counterparts operating on Singapore's North East Line, the trains ends offer passengers an unblocked view of the tracks ahead. They do however have full driving facilities located behind a locked cabinet. 19 6-car sets were initially ordered, with a further 2 sets delivered for the extension of Line 14 from Madeleine to Saint-Lazare.

Other networks

The MP 89 CA will operate on the line m2 of the Lausanne métro from 2008, with two-car trains instead of six-car trains in Paris.

Santiago Metro uses a forked CC version named NS 93.

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