MathMagic, with its text form logotype [Math+Magic], is an equation editor for Windows and Mac OS including Mac OS X. MathMagic is very similar with MathType in terms of user interface and feature set but it seems to focus more on high quality printing - targeting publishing market, and higher productivity with easier interface and various faster input methods via keyboard shortcuts, palettes, macros, and clips.
MathMagic Pro Edition for InDesign, MathMagic Pro Edition for QuarkXPress, MathMagic Personal Edition for many other word processors such as Pages, Nisus Writer, Mellel, and presentation software such as PowerPoint and Keynote are available.
They come with many free mathematical symbol fonts in TrueType and OpenType format.

MathMagic was first released in 1998 at Seybold Expo San Francisco, as an XTension for QuarkXPress 3.3x.
Later, InfoLogic introduced its stand-alone application version of MathMagic Personal Edition, MathMagic Pro Editions, and MathMagic Prime Editions

MathMagic v5.x for Mac OS X also supports MathML and TeX including Plain TeX and LaTeX, via copy and paste or import and export.

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