MADYMO here stands for MAthematical DYnamic MOdels. It is a software package developed by TNO Automotive Safety Solutions (TASS) of Delft, the Netherlands. It a leading multibody dynamics solver and frequently used for automobile occupant safety/injury calculations.


The software package consists of the MADYMO/Solver and MADYMO/Workspace. The solver is a general purpose numerical code employing multibody dynamics and finite element technology to solve for the solution to the Newtonian equations of motion. The MADYMO/Solver is the leading occupant safety software employed in various industries like the automotive and aerospace industry, heavy truck and military industries, accident reconstruction, as well as biomechanical research. The injury level can be computed by using in-house developed crash test dummy models.


MADYMO is a software package that allows users to design and optimise occupant safety systems efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively. MADYMO is the worldwide standard for occupant safety analysis and simulation and it is used extensively in engineering departments, design studios, research laboratories and technical universities. It has proven itself in numerous applications, often supported by verification studies using experimental data.

The MADYMO/Workspace consists of the preprocessor XMADgic and the postprocessor MADPost as well as other useful tools like Assistant, Exchange, EuroNCAP/USNCAP Rating and Converter (translates LS-DYNA, PAM Crash and RADIOSS input decks in to MADYMO format).


With MADYMO, an occupant safety system can be thoroughly assessed and optimised early in its development cycle. Users therefore avoid the delays and costs involved in having to change a product late in its development. MADYMO also reduces the requirement for costly and time-consuming prototyping. As a result, production processes are drastically streamlined, and users can get their products to market more quickly.


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