M-Systems was a Nasdaq-listed Israeli producer of flash storage memory founded in 1989 and based in Kfar Saba, best known for its DiskOnChip 2000 line of products for embedded computers.

The company was acquired by SanDisk in 2006.


The DiskOnChip product line became popular because they could easily be integrated into small embedded applications. The device was supplied as a module in 32-pin dual in-line (DIP) packaging with a pinout and electrical interface compatible with a standard JEDEC socket for memory chips. It employed a memory-mapped interface with an 8-kibibyte window for models of all capacities (16MB-1GB). Internally, a DoC module contained a controller that implemented error correction, bad block re-mapping and wear levelling functions that were used to implement a file system, TrueFFS, for which the company provided software development kits.

In early 2007, SanDisk announced the End of Life for the DiskOnChip 2000 product line, suggesting customers migrate to the uDOC (uDiskOnChip Embedded USB Flash Disk) product, CompactFlash or SecureDigital cards, all of which are not directly compatible, requiring interface redesign.


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