Lycalopex sechurae


Lycalopex is the genus name for some South American members of the Canidae family. The common name for the genus is zorro, from Spanish, and raposa, from Portuguese, both words standing for fox. The most numerous species of this genus is probably Lycalopex griseus, the South American Gray Fox, with large ears and a highly marketable, russet-fringed pelt. This genus is more closely related to the dog-like canids than to the true foxes. The zorros are hunted in Argentina for their durable, soft pelt. In Argentina they have the name of 'lamb-killer'. In reality, zorros rarely kill lambs, although, if hunger strikes, they will prey on weak or sick infants.

Species currently included in this genus include:

The name Pseudalopex has been used for this genus, but the current usage has that as a synonym, with Lycalopex taking precedence.


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