Lusophone African countries

Romance-speaking African countries

Afrique Latine
África Latina
Official languages French, Portuguese and Spanish
Member states 27

Latin Africa, historically those countries in North Africa, from Morocco to Egypt, which were part of the Roman Empire. Some exclude Egypt, as there the dominant language of administration and business was Greek rather than Latin. The region between Tunisia and Morocco was later called the Maghreb (West) by the Arabs who conquered it in the seventh century.

In modern times the expression has been used by the French to refer to their former colonial territories in the African continent.

Currently, the expression is used to refer to those African countries that are members of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) or International Organization of La Francophonie and the members of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries whose official languages are either French, Portuguese or Spanish, or have a significant population that speak any of these languages.

Note that not all the Latin Africa countries are members of the Latin Union.

French language

Sub-Saharan African countries where French or African French is spoken. The countries colored dark blue in the map had a population of 321 million in 2007. Their population is forecast to reach 733 million in 2050.

Portuguese language

African countries where Portuguese and African Portuguese is spoken

Spanish language

Sub-Saharan African countries where Spanish or African Spanish is spoken

French and Spanish in North Africa

In North Africa there are countries where Maghreb French or Spanish are spoken.

Italian language

Some population in , , and conserve Italian as a colonial legacy.


Due to the fact that France, Portugal and Spain are tradicionally Roman Catholic countries, many of the African countries they colonised also have important Catholic populations.

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