Lumpawarrump (born c. 9 BBY), also known as Lumpy, and later in life, Lumpawaroo or Waroo, is a fictional character of the Star Wars universe. Lumpawarrump is a male child Wookiee from the planet Kashyyyk.

He is the son of Chewbacca and Mallatobuck, and is the grandson of Attichitcuk. Lumpawarrump was introduced in The Star Wars Holiday Special, where he was portrayed by actress Patty Maloney. In the Star Wars stories he is portrayed in, he seems to be quite adventurous and constantly wishes to be brave, and wants to go on quests like his father.


Since his father was often absent, serving his life debt to Han Solo, Lumpawarrump (or Lumpy) was somewhat timid as a child. He also had to live in his famous father's shadow. During his rite of passage, Chewbacca came back to Kashyyyk to aid his son in constructing a Bowcaster and hunting his first Katarn. Sadly, Solo had been captured by the Yevetha, and Chewie had to halt the hunt and mount a rescue attempt. Lumpy went with him, and took part in the fire fight. Though not a traditional hunt, Chewbacca declared that his son had faced the katarn, and not cried out in pain. Lumpawarrump then took a new name, Lumpawaroo, "son of courage" (Waroo as the familiar).

After his father's death in the early days of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, Lumpawaroo and Lowbacca, Chewbacca's nephew, vowed to under take Chewie's life debt to Han, but agreed to wait, as Han was still mourning Chewbacca. After the end of the war, Waroo and Lowie announced that it was time for them to undertake the debt. However, Lumpawaroo was not with the Solos as of the Dark Nest crisis.


The Holiday Special

The 1978 television program The Star Wars Holiday Special introduces Lumpy's mother, Malla and grandfather, Itchy. They live together on Kashyyyk, the Wookiee homeworld, where Chewbacca visits them with other major characters. In the show, Lumpy's home planet was invaded by the Galactic Empire. Darth Vader is searching for the Rebels who destroyed the Death Star in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Lumpy builds a device to fool the imperial agents to return to their base on board the Super Star Destroyer Executor. That night, Lumpy and his entire family, along with the major cast from A New Hope, gather around the Tree of Life, where they celebrate Life Day together.

The Novels

Lumpy also appears in several Star Wars Expanded Universe books, most notably The Wookiee Storybook, A Forest Apart, Tyrant's Test, and Rebel Dawn. In The Wookiee Storybook, Lumpy goes on a dangerous adventure into the "netherworld" of Kashyyyk, which is the deepest parts of the forests, to pick a kind of fruit. He is doing this to mimic the adventures of his dad and to become brave like him. It is in preparation for the return of Chewbacca for another Life Day celebration, which gives him encouragement. When he gets into trouble, Chewbacca must save him. Once saved, they all, like in The Holiday Special, gather to celebrate Life Day together.

In A Forest Apart, Lumpy has grown a little and after hearing the stories of his dad's exciting adventures, wishes to go out on his own. His mother allows him to go to Coruscant with his father to "see the universe". In Tyrant's Test, which is the third and final novel of The Black Fleet Crisis Trilogy by Michael P. Kube-McDowell, Lumpy undergoes his rite of passage and chooses the adult name Lumpawaroo with the nickname of Waroo. The latter also introduces other family members, including an aunt named Kallabow and his father's cousins, named Dryanta and Jowdrrl.

Lumpy also appears in the final book of The New Jedi Order series of books, entitled, The Unifying Force. Following the death of his father Chewbacca, Lumpawaroo and Lowbacca (Lumpy's cousin, who trained with Han's twin children at Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy) attempted to assume Chewbacca's life debt to Han Solo, but Solo was uncomfortable with the idea and eventually persuaded them otherwise.

The comics

Lumpy is seen in the Chewbacca comic book series by Darko Mecan.

The stuffed bantha


A stuffed bantha was apparently a toy for children in the Star Wars galaxy.


It was shown to be Lumpy's favorite toy in The Star Wars Holiday Special. When an Imperial search party invaded Lumpy's house on Kashyyyk, an Imperial officer of the Empire ripped the head off of Lumpy's toy bantha. This made Lumpy quite upset, and motivated him to create a signal that eventually fooled the Imperials into leaving his house and going back to their base. This even led to the end of the blockade of his planet.

Behind the Scenes

Lumpy's toy can be seen as an iconic element of what some consider the first Star Wars sequel, and it was a crucial token in the biography of a beloved secondary character. Since this object was actually built and filmed, it is arguably a lot more "real" than most of the items that were only invented (textually) in later generations of printed, spin-off works.



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