Lumania is an ancient mythological civilization, similar to Lemuria, Atlantis, Mu, Pan, Mar, Thule and Muror. It supposedly was located in the eastern Indian Ocean, possibly extending to portions of modern Indonesia and western Australia.

Lumania was first referred to in a book titled, Seth Speaks, published in 1972. Seth is a multidimensional being who channelled through writer Jane Roberts, in Elmira New York, from 1963 until her death in 1984. Her husband, painter Robert Butts, kept extensive written notes during these sessions, some of which have been published in book form by New World Library. Seths writings have influenced the work of numerous new age authors, notably such luminaries as Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra and Louise Hay. Seth mentions the Lumanians in Seth Speaks, The Eternal Validity Of The Soul, on pages 222-224, 352 & 378. They are referred to as the middle of three technologically advanced civilizations that predated Atlantis. Apparently, as a race, they had evolved into a highly sensitive, peace loving people with an astounding affinity for sound. Their language, art and modes of propulsion all utilized advanced knowledge of the power of sound. They were highly telepathic as a result, often resorting to communication with eyes closed; sending evocative images to each other via brain waves. Their art was far more advanced than present day works because of its ability to transmit data at many different levels of perception. Using sound technology they also bore deep into the earth where they built their cities. They were as proud of their achievement at exploration of the earths "below surface" world as our modern civilization is about our ability to explore "outer" space. Eventually, this highly evolved race "cycled on" to higher dimensions, although many still reincarnate on the earth plane for "personal" reasons.

The novelty rock group Barnes & Barnes claim to live there. However, their description of it varies significantly from the one stated above. They claim that Lumania exists in an alternate dimension on the continents that nomal humans know as Africa and Australia. They claim that they travel there via sound waves, and those sound waves are also how they receive all of the music from Earth's dimension.

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