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Island (novel series)

Island is a novel trilogy by Canadian author Gordon Korman. The books are set in contemporary times and designed for young teenagers.

Plot summary

Island 1: Shipwreck

We are introduced at the beginning of the novel to the six troubled children who are part of a new scheme called 'Charting a New Course', or CNC, an extensive program that removes troubled children from society and forces them to cope with hardship and problem-solving aboard the Pheonix, a ship headed for Guam. There they supposedly learn the values of teamwork. They are the sibling rivals Will, 13, and Lyssa, 12, Greenfield; framed felon Luke Haggerty, 13; exercise addict Charla Swann, 12; Discovery Channel-dependent and couch potato Ian Sikorsky, 11; and rich, famous Hollywood director son, attention seeking J.J. Lane, 14. On the way to Guam, a severe storm hits, seriously damaging the ship and washing the captain overboard. He is later presumed dead. They are abandoned by the ship's first mate, Mr. Radford, when the ship, day by day, begins to flood. After a failed attempt to repair the broken engine, resulting in an explosion that burns and sinks the ship, Luke, Charla, Ian, and Will find themselves deserted on an island after a week of drifting on a piece of wreckage from the ship. The status of Lyssa and J.J. are unknown, and are presumed dead by the others. Will is unconscious upon arrival at the island. Parched with thirst and hunger, Ian, Charla, and Luke prepare to scour the nearby jungle for food.

Island 2: Survival

Ian, Charla, Luke, and Will wash up on the island, separated from J.J. and Lyssa. While Charla, Luke, and Ian is finding food, Will wakes up with amnesia, having no memory of CNC, or the other castaways (other than Lyssa), and runs away into the jungle. After several failed attempts of finding Will, the castaways hear a plane and go to the other side of the island to find it. To their dismay, they discover that on board were illegal traders, who shot one of their own men. After a brief encounter with Will, who ran away, having no memory of them and thinking they were going to hurt him, Ian, Charla, and Luke go to find Will. Along the way they find J.J. and Lyssa, who had been living on freeze-dried food from the survival raft. In the jungle, Will makes a crude bow and arrow to hunt and defend himself. He later encounters a boar, which he shoots and injures, but later befriends and names it Rat-face, the nickname given to the first mate of the Pheonix, Mr. Radford. On the beach the other castaways worry about the smugglers finding them, or Will, who doesn't know of the danger. The castaways realize the smugglers chose the island for its isolated location as a rendezvous for trading illegal animal parts, and that the island probably does not appear on a map and rescue may not come for a long time or not at all. Meanwhile, in the jungle, Will slowly begins to remember the events of the past few weeks. He runs onto the beach at the same time the smugglers arrive at the castaways' campsite. He is not seen, and after a fight between the boar and the smugglers' Doberman pinscher, Will is shot in the thigh by a stray bullet after a series of gunshots, fired by the smugglers, to kill the boar. At the end of the book, the smugglers finally leave, after combing the island and making sure no one was present to witness their trade. During a walk through the jungle, J.J. falls into a pit, in which is an unused WWII atomic bomb identified by Ian, codenamed Junior.

Island 3: Escape

The pressure mounts when Will's injury starts to worsen and his fever rises. He begins to become delirious and slips into unconsciousness, and, as Ian states, if he is not taken to a doctor soon, he may not make it. He is given antibiotics from an abandoned army dispensary in the jungle, though the medicine is in short supply. A plan is made to escape, which involves J.J. stowing away in the smugglers' plane with the hope that he might be ransomed to his rich father and then he getting the castaways rescued. J.J. attempts to stay hidden but is eventually discovered by the smugglers, who try to force information out of him, asking if anyone else was present on the island. One of the men makes a motion to shoot J.J., but J.J. makes it clear that he is the son of a Hollywood director, and is worth a lot of money if he were to be ransomed. Held captive for a few days, J.J. soon realizes that he will be killed once the smugglers have the money from his father. He attempts to escape and succeeds, and in the process collides with a police cruiser. Meanwhile, on the island, Will's fever from the infected bullet wound is getting higher and the castaways are forced to operate on Will to remove the bullet with supplies from the army camp near the bomb. The operation is a success, as Will regains consciousness a few days later, and the castaways prepare to escape the island by the yellow raft. They sail for 6 hours before being rescued by a U.S. Marine scuba diver, who takes them on a helicopter with J.J. on board. Back in civilization, all are present when the scientists open up the atomic bomb Junior. Everyone is surprised when the Uranium core is not present in the bomb, which was replaced by a piece of paper with the word "KA-BOOM!!". Mr. Radford is later arrested in a bar for the attempted murder of six innocents.


Luke Haggerty

Luke was framed for possession of a firearm on random locker inspection day when he trusted a "friend" (his old friend Reese; his mother says in a letter she sent to CNC that she thinks Reese got Luke involved with a gang) with his locker combination. Luke immediately takes on a role of leadership on the island, and as mentioned by Ian, makes most of the decisions that impact the group. In book two when everyone's hometown is revealed, it says that Luke grew up in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

J.J. Lane

J.J. is the son of the world famous movie star, Jonathan Lane. His father sent him to CNC after he pulled a series of crazy stunts for attention. Through the series he is convinced that the entire wreckage of the Phoenix was a stunt and that CNC is watching them through hidden cameras and microphones. He is considered spoiled and bratty, as he "never contributed anything to the group", but later realizes the error of his ways. He eventually becomes the group's ticket off the island when he stows away on a group of illegal traders' plane and gets help. In book two everyone's hometown is revealed and J.J.'s is said to be Beverly Hills, California. J.J. lives the most west of all the castaways.

Lyssa Greenfield

Lyssa Greenfield is almost constantly at war with her brother. Cracked ribs, melted computer disks, concussions and broken noses have come from their constant fighting. Lyssa is a straight-A student and is good with machinery: it is she who attempts the fix of the engine. She supplies wit and loyalty to her fellow castaways. In the middle of book two and all of book three, Lyssa shows that she actually starts to love her brother; Will finds her in book two and they hug each other, stating, "A small part of Lyssa, standing strangely distant from herself, noted that this was the first time she could ever remember hugging Will." In book two when everyone's hometown and state is revealed, it says Lyssa and her brother reside in Huntington, New York. It is also said earlier in the book that Lyssa and Will were named after two flowers, Sweet William and Sweet Alyssum.

Will Greenfield

Will Greenfield is at war with his sister, Lyssa, as both have been landed in the hospital in one of their quarrels. He views himself as imperfect, and his sister as the perfect, good-looking kid of the Greenfield family, which makes him resentful and even more hate-filled towards her. Will ends up with amnesia in the second book and does not remember a thing about the shipwreck or the other castaways for a brief part in the book, and is later the castaway that is in a life-threatening situation by an infection by a bullet wound. In the middle of book two and all of book three, Will's sister Lyssa starts to show she does truly love him and would be lost without him; Will finds her in book two and they hug each other, stating, "A small part of Lyssa, standing strangely distant from herself, noted that this was the first time she could ever remember hugging Will." In book two when everyone's hometown and state is revealed, it says Will and his sister reside in Huntington, New York. It is also said earlier in the book that Lyssa and Will were named after two flowers, Sweet William and Sweet Alyssum.

Charla Swann

Charla is an exercise addict; her family lives in Detroit and her dad works three jobs just to pay for her sports, however nothing about her mother is stated, we never even hear if her mother is living or dead, or if she's married to Charla's father at all. She is dedicated to over fifteen sports and aims for the Olympics to be able to earn money for her family. With her fit and athletic body, she is able to scale places the others can't, usually serving as a lookout atop trees, scaling them to get fruit, or using her lightning quick reflexes to grab fish with her bare hands.

Ian Sikorsky

Ian Sikorsky is a TV addict, spending his time watching the Discovery Channel. Ian is considered the shyest and most innocent out of all the castaways. Concerned about his health and social status, his parents sent him on CNC to isolate him from TV. However, it is he who very well determined whether the group lived or died on the island. In book two, it is revealed that when Ian lived in Illinois, he had two pet goldfish, Dot and Com. From watching so many hours of Discovery Channel, Ian supplied the knowledge and survival skills that helped the group pull through.

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