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Dresden Airport , formerly known as Flughafen Dresden-Klotzsche in German, is the international airport of Dresden, Germany. In 2005, the airport served 1,788,800 passengers. It is located in Klotzsche which is a city district of Dresden since 1950.

Dresden Airport is home of EADS EFW a business unit of EADS.


The airport was opened on 11 July 1935, north of Dresden.

Though planned as a commercial airport, its importance to the military increased dramatically during the following years in the Third Reich. During World War II it was exclusively used for military purposes. Attempts to destroy buildings and equipment before the Allied troops could occupy Dresden failed due to the resistance of civil airport employees.

During the following years, the airport was used as an education centre for the Soviet army. It was reopened for commercial traffic on 16 June 1957. In 1959 international air traffic resumed, primarily to countries of the Eastern Bloc.

In the mid 1950s, the East German government decided to develop its own aviation industry. Its centre became Dresden and therefore the importance of Klotzsche Airport increased considerably. In 1961, however, the government came to the realisation that this attempt had failed. Existing plants were now used for maintenance tasks and minor aviation development and production.

After German reunification, the airport was expanded and flights to western European capitals were added. Traffic increased sevenfold during the first half of the 1990s and a second terminal was opened in 1995. It was based on an aviation assembly plant. In 2001 the third, and most expansive, terminal was added.

Lufthansa Airport Services Dresden GmbH (LASD), a subsidiary of Lufthansa, provides passenger services at the airport.

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