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Mi Lu Bing 迷路兵 , is a Singaporean rock band who rose to fame after winning Season 1 of the local music competition SuperBand. The band is made up of the members Sam, Nic and Weiqi. Immediately after they crowned the Superband champion, Keyboardist Weiqi was enrolled in Nanyang Technological University (NTU). The lead singer who is also the guitarist Nic had his National Service enlistment deferred for the preparation of their debut album. For this reason, their debut album's released date was delayed.

After eleven months of anticipation, their self-titled debut album was finally released on 9 July 2007. It has since sold over 6,000 copies in Singapore. They penned three of the songs, namely 泪 (Tears), 适应 (Getting Adjusted), Get Alive. And these became the top 3 hit singles of their album. Another song, 百万宝,Written by Zhang LeSheng from Project Superstar 2, was the theme song for Mediacorp drama 百万宝. There was another song, 路 (The Road), Written by Zhang LeSheng from Project Superstar 2, was the theme song for Mediacorp drama The Golden Path, he also wrote the ending theme song for the drama The Golden Path.
Recently its second edition was released - with 3 MVs included.


the main singer.
D.O.B.: 8th Oct 1984.

the band leader.
D.O.B.: 31st Jan 1985.

the singer.
D.O.B.: 17th Oct 1986.


Several popular guitars were noticed to be used by the group during their performance, especially Gibson's Les Paul, Line 6's electric guitar.



To date and since her debut in 2006, Mi Lu Bing released 2 albums and involved in 3 compilation albums :


Album # Album Cover Album Information
1st 迷路兵
(迷路兵) Mi Lu Bing (迷路兵)

2nd 三角形
(迷路兵) Mi Lu Bing (迷路兵)

Compilation Albums

Album # Album Cover Album Information
1st Best Of 非常 Superband

2nd December Stars

  • Released: December, 2006
  • Language: English
  • Label: Mediacorp
  • Genre: Mandopop
  • Tracks : Medley: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/ Jingle Bells/ We Wish You A Merry Christmas

3rd 群星贺岁 金猪庆丰年

4th 星光大道

5th December Stars 2007

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