Lower Rhine

Lower Rhine

The Lower Rhine (Niederrhein, kilometers 660 to 1,033 of the Rhine River) flows from Bonn, Germany, to the North Sea. Almost immediately after entering the Netherlands, the Rhine splits into many branches.

The main branch is called the Waal which flows from Nijmegen to meet the river Meuse; after which it is called Merwede. Near Rotterdam the river is known as Nieuwe Maas, and becomes the Nieuwe Waterweg flowing into the Northsea at Hoek van Holland.

The Nederrijn refers to the more northern ancient main branch of the Rhine, which flows past Arnhem; splits of the IJssel which flows into the IJsselmeer and splits into the Kromme Rijn and the Lek River at Wijk bij Duurstede. The Lek rivers flows into the Merwede. The Kromme Rijn continues past Utrecht, becomes the Leidse Rijn, the Oude Rijn and flows into the Northsea at Katwijk. There are even more minor branches that have their own names such as Vecht, Hollandse IJssel and the Noord river.

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