Lovers of Woomook-baemi

The Lovers of Woomook-baemi

Lovers of Woomuk-Baemi (우묵배미의 사랑 - Umukbaemi eui sarang) aka A Short Love Affair is a 1990 South Korean film directed by Jang Sun-woo.


A melodrama about the love affair of a tailor from the countryside.


  • Park Joong-hoon... Il-do
  • Choi Myoung-gil... Gong-ryae
  • Yoo Hye-ri... Sae-daek
  • Lee Dae-keun... Park Seok-hee
  • Choi Joo-bong... Nam-su
  • Kim Yeong-ok... Il-do's mother
  • Shin Chaong-shik... Il-do's father
  • Chung Sang-chul... Na-ri's father
  • Seo Kap-sook... Na-ri's mother
  • Yang Taek-jo... Choi



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