Lovedrug is an indie rock band from Canton, Ohio, formed in 2001.


Since Lovedrug's formation in 2001, they have released two full-length albums and three EPs, all of which have been released through the record label The Militia Group to whom they are signed.

While on tour with Straylight Run and Sparta in June 2007, Lovedrug's van and trailer was stolen in Detroit, Michigan. The burnt out shell of their van and trailer was later discovered with all of their equipment stolen. Despite this discouraging and unfortunate event, Lovedrug continued their tour, borrowing Sparta's equipment for the rest of the shows.

Their third album, The Sucker Punch Show, will be released October 28,2008.


Michael Shepard - Vocals, Guitar, Piano

Jeremy Michael Gifford - Guitar, Synthesizer, Piano

Thomas Bragg - Bass

James Childress - Drums

Former Members

Dave Owen

Korey Jones

Joas Miller

Matthew Putman

Matthew Depper

Adam Ladd

Matt Bentley

Enoch Porch


Full Length albums


  • Lovedrug EP (2002)
  • Rocknroll EP (2004)
  • The Narcoleptic - iTunes Single (2005)
  • Everything Starts... EP (October 24, 2006)
  • This Is The End EP (2008)

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