Love Egoist

Romantic Egoist

Romantic Egoist, also called Love Egoist, is a series of shōjo manga short stories by Bisco Hatori. "Romantic Egoist" is the title of the first story; the series title was changed to Love Egoist with the second story because, according to the author's notes, her editor thought the original was too long. So far four chapters have been included in releases of Ouran High School Host Club.

Each story is centered on a different couple's search for love, linked by the involvement of the Kuronuma sisters.

Main characters

Twin sisters, who have appeared in every story (though only a cameo appearance in "Love or Dream?"). Eccentric and mysterious, the sisters were shunned by many of their classmates, who claimed that they have the blood of witches. However, they make up for this with their passion to bring happiness to others. In "Love Egoist", their uncle was the target of their help.
Older sister of the twins. She is the Kuronuma involved in the "Love or Dream?", where she uses her fortune-telling skills to predict that the couple will never be together. Like her younger sisters, she's thought to be a witch as well.


Romantic Egoist
Collected in Ouran High School Host Club volume 2
Yurine Izumi loves a boy named Terasaki and approaches the Kuronuma twins for help. They provide her with a love potion that will make Terasaki fall in love for her for exactly two weeks, but the potion is accidently consumed by Nozomi Tsuruta, a cheerful punk at school. Unable to reverse the effects of the potion, Yurine spends time with Nozomi and gradually falls in love with him. However, when the two weeks draws to an end, Yurine finds herself unhappy that Nozomi's love was because of the potion and no longer wants to pursue Terasaki. Nozomi reveals that he actually loved her before drinking the potion and they end up together. Love Egoist
Collected in Ouran High School Host Club volume 4
Sumire Nakamori is the smartest and prettiest girl in school, but under her sweet exterior she hides a wicked personality and a crush on Mr. Saginuma, a popular, sweet, and caring science teacher. However, it turns out that he is just as wicked as she is and thinks only about himself. They learn each other's secret and to preserve her public identity, Sumire ends up doing various chores for him. When Sumire decides to stop helping him, he finds he misses her presence and realizes he cares for her, just a little. The Kuronuma sisters reveal themselves as Mr. Saginuma's nieces after he apologises to Sumire.Please. Please. Me.
Collected in Ouran High School Host Club volume 7 - a direct sequel to Love Egoist
Mr. Saginuma's fans end up targeting Sumire, who decides to show her true self instead of being sweet all the time. When Mr. Saginuma notices how she has been hurt because of him, he tells Sumire he no longer wants to speak to her. His fans continue to bully Sumire and Mr. Saginuma eventually comes to her rescue, showing his true self to them in the process.Love or Dream?
Collected in Ouran High School Host Club volume 9 - set a few years before Romantic Egoist
Sakurako, the older sister of the Kuronuma twins, warns college student Takami against going in the direction of the ManManKen ramen shop, but he does so any way and falls in love with Satsuki Kirishima, the daughter of the shop's owner. While attending cram school, he takes up a job there and Satsuki suggests that he works as a teacher, for him not to give up his dreams. However, when he tries to confess his love to her, she tells him that she cannot stand irresponsible people and plans to marry someone who can take over the shop. He follows her advice, but eventually returns to the shop and confesses his love to her again. She accepts his feelings, still suggesting he become a teacher because his speeches are so convincing, and he begins to work on taking over the ramen shop.

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