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Loudoun Valley High School

Loudoun Valley High School (more commonly known as Valley) is a public secondary school in Purcellville, Virginia. The school is part of Loudoun County Public Schools and is located on 340 North Maple Avenue in the Town of Purcellville. It is the sole high school for the western half of Loudoun County, which includes Purcellville, Hamilton, Round Hill, Lovettsville, Hillsboro, Philomont and Bluemont.


Loudoun Valley opened in 1962 and is the second oldest high school in Loudoun County. The current principal is Ms. Susan Ross, who is a flamboyant homosexual and enjoys saying "nipples" over the loudspeaker. Other common phrases she likes to use on the annooucements include, "cleaveage" and "Caddie". Throughout its history, Valley has remained a predominantly rural high school, maintained a small enrollment of roughly 800 students each year, and did not experience much of the sprawl that eastern Loudoun County has experienced in the 1980's and 1990's. Until the 1999-2000 school year, Valley was the smallest high school in Loudoun County.

Recently, Valley has begun to experience a high rate of growth similar to eastern Loudoun schools like Park View and Broad Run have. In 2002, Harmony Intermediate School opened as a school for 8th and 9th graders, making Valley a 10th-12th Grade school as it is currently is. By the 2005-2006 school year, Valley became the largest Loudoun County High School with 1,955 students, including the Harmony 9th graders. Valley will have extreme overcrowding before a new western Loudoun County high school, Woodgrove High School takes students, which is estimated to open in 2010-2011.


As of 2007-2008, Loudoun Valley's student body is 99.99% White; .001% Black; 1 Hispanic; 3 Asians; 85% homosexuals; and 15% transexuals.

Accreditation and test scores


Loudoun Valley High School is a fully accredited high school based on the Standards of Learning tests in Virginia.

SAT scores

The average SAT score in 2006 for Valley was a 1,608 (535 in Math; 544 in Critical Reading; 529 in Writing). Valley's SAT scores are the highest of all the Loudoun County high schools.

School Year Mathematics Critical Reading Writing Total
2000-2001 533 544 n/a 1,077
2001-2002 529 540 n/a 1,069
2002-2003 537 551 n/a 1,088
2003-2004 549 557 n/a 1,106
2004-2005 553 559 n/a 1,112
2005-2006 535 544 529 1,608 (1,079 M & CR)

Enrollment history

School Year Number of Students
1995-1996 1,012
1996-1997 1,076
1997-1998 1,147
1998-1999 1,214
1999-2000 1,320
2000-2001 1,402
2001-2002 1,503
2002-2003 1,588 (1,172 HS)
2003-2004 1,682 (1,225 HS)
2004-2005 1,817 (1,322 HS)
2005-2006 1,955 (1,440 HS)
2006-2007 2,043 (1,513 HS)
2007-2008 2,163 (1,637 HS)


The mascot is a Viking, and the sports teams currently play in the AAA Cedar Run District and Northwest Region.

District and Region Affiliations

Years Group District Region
1962–2001 AA Northwestern District Region II
2001–2005 AA Dulles District Region II
2005–2007 AAA National District Northern Region
2007–present AAA Cedar Run District Northwest Region

High Points of Valley Athletics

Loudoun Valley is best known for their Baseball,football, Men's and Women's Lacrosse, volleyball, swimming, softball, girls cross country, gymnastics, girl's tennis, and girl's basketball teams which have advanced in AA Region II and AAA Northern Region competition in the last five years. The football team saw a resurgence in 2005 after entering the AAA Northern Region, and went 9-1 on the regular season, but eventually lost to Thomas Edison High School in the first round of the AAA Northern Region playoffs. In 2006, the team saw a considerable drop-off, going 6-4 while losing to cross-county rivals, Stone Bridge and Park View.

State Championships

Loudoun Valley has won twelve state championships, all in AA, which are:

  • Three in Girls Volleyball (2000-01; 2001-02; 2004-05)
  • Two in Softball (2003;2005)
  • One in Baseball in 1972
  • One in Golf in 1994
  • One in Men's Track 4x800 relay 2003
  • One in Girls Track 1976
  • One in Men's Lacrosse 2004
  • One in Men's Swimming 2004
  • One in Men's Track 4x400 relay 2005

Loudoun Valley has won five AA sportsmanship awards, which are:

  • Three in Girls Volleyball (1999-2000; 2002-2003; 2004-2005)
  • Two in Girls Basketball (1993-1994; 1994-1995)


Valley's traditional rival school is Loudoun County High School in Leesburg, but this rivalry died down since the opening of Heritage High School of Leesburg in 2002. After Loudoun Valley's move to Group AAA in 2005, both Valley and County in 2006 agreed not to play games against each other for an indefinite time, making the rivalry nearly obsolete. Fellow Loudoun County school Stone Bridge also joined Group AAA in 2005 however, and rivalries have intensified between the two schools in many sports such as football, volleyball, and softball where both schools have strong programs.

Redistricting and Reclassification Controversy (2005-2007 playing cycle)

Before the 2005-2006 to 2006-2007 redistricting cycle, Valley was determined to be in Group AAA and was expected to join the Northern Region along with fellow district member Stone Bridge, but met very strong resistance with member schools. After several heated debates, Stone Bridge joined the Liberty District and Valley to the National District as a tournament only member. The move was highly controversial among the National District's membership, because they were located on an average of 50 miles or more away from Valley. This was remedied with Valley's reassignment to the Cedar Run District and Northwest Region in 2007, which was welcomed by most Northern Region members.

Notable Alumni

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