Lost Pilot

The Lost Pilot

The Lost Pilot is the pilot episode of the Nicktoons Network original animated series Kappa Mikey, even though it did not air in that order (it may have been lost before the show's production). It instead first aired halfway through the series' first season as episode 19.


In the United States, Michael Alexander Simon fails to land a role in Hamlet The Christmas Giraffe, after the instructor tells him he can't act, but by chance, he wins a scratch card contest to fly to Tokyo, Japan and become the star of a failing anime show, LilyMu, where he meets the main cast. His new friends give him a tour of Japan, and Ozu officially announces the new star to the public. But fame gets to Mikey's head, and after Lily shouts at him, saying the exact same thing the instructor said, Mikey must determine whether or not going to Japan was the right choice. There is no subplot in this episode.


  • This episode reveals that Mikey graduated from high school before looking for an acting job.
  • Lily is known for her "OMG" line. Since this episode is the first in the story line, it reveals the Mitsuki was really the first person in the show that we hear say it.
  • Many minor and background characters characters resemble people from other media.

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