Long Time Forgotten

Long Time Forgotten

Long Time Forgotten is the first demo album released by Christian rock band Third Day in 1993 shortly after the band was formed. The album was available only in cassette format.

This album is the only one that features former original member, Billy Wilkins. Wilkins played keyboards for the band since the band's founding in 1991 until his departure in 1993.

The album features early versions of some of the songs the band would later release in their official debut album, Third Day.

Track listing

  1. "Praise Song, Op. 1"
  2. "Livin' For Jesus"
  3. "Jesus Said So"
  4. "Forgotten Friend"
  5. "Heaven"
  6. "Deny The Truth"
  7. "Did Ya' Mean It"
  8. "For Such A Long Time"
  9. "Praise Song" (Reprise)

Producing and Recording

The album was produced and recorded by drummer David Carr at his basement. The arrangement came as a payment to the band for a show they played at Carr's church before he was a member of the band. The album was released only in cassette format with about 800 copies made.


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