Loki (album)

Loki? (album)

Lóki? is the first solo album from Arnaldo Baptista, the keyboardist, bassist and singer of the Brazilian band Os Mutantes. It was released in 1974 after a supposed nervous breakdown and it is considered one of the best albums in the 1970s Brazilian music scene. The album expresses his angst towards the height of post-modern society, along with the suffocating aspect of modernity: pollution, superpopulation, loneliness, etc.

Track listing

  1. "Será Que Eu Vou Virar Bolor?" (Baptista)
  2. "Uma Pessoa Só" (Baptista/Sérgio Dias/Liminha/Dinho Leme); Credited as "Mutantes")
  3. "Não Estou Nem Aí" (Baptista)
  4. "Vou Me Afundar Na Lingerie" (Baptista)
  5. "Honky Tonky (Patrulha do Espaço)" (Baptista)
  6. "Cê Tá Pensando Que Eu Sou Loki?" (Baptista)
  7. "Desculpe" (Baptista)
  8. "Navegar de Novo" (Baptista)
  9. "Te Amo Podes Crer" (Baptista)
  10. "É Fácil" (Baptista)

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