Logitech G25

Logitech G25

The Logitech G25 is an electronic steering wheel designed for racing video games on the PC, PS2 and PS3. It uses a USB interface.

Compared with other wheels in its class, the G25 is at the higher end of the range with an RRP of USD $299.99. The higher cost is due to the inclusion of a number of features often not found in cheaper wheels, including:

  • A six-speed gear stick, including a reverse gear. It can be switched between sequential and 'H' shift patterns.
  • Leather wrapping on the gear stick and wheel.
  • Stainless steel brake, gas and clutch pedals. Each pedal has a distinct level of resistance to simulate the difference between brake, gas and clutch.
  • Range of rotation is adjustable up to 900° with two force feedback motors
  • A carpet grip which keeps the pedals in position while playing.

A comparable wheel is the Fanatec 911 Porsche wheel.


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