Lodderia eumorpha eumorpha

Lodderia eumorpha eumorpha

Lodderia eumorpha eumorpha is a subspecies of minute sea snail or micromollusc, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Cyclostrematidae.


This subspecies is endemic to New Zealand's Auckland Islands and The Snares.


This snail is found at depths of between 155 and 175 m.

Shell description

The shell is very small, solid, depressed-turbinate, prominently sculptured with five narrow, but sharply raised, spiral keels, the interstices fenestrated by distinct, regular, axial threads. The aperture is circular, and the peristome internally thickened, but not externally variced.

The shell height is up to 1.3 mm, and the width is up to 1.7 mm.


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