Lobão, born João Luiz Woerdenbag Filho (Rio de Janeiro, October 11 1957) is a Brazilian rock and MPB singer. He also plays the drums and guitar.

Lobão is better known in Brazil for his 1980s hits, specially "Me Chama". His most famous album is Ronaldo Foi Pra Guerra.

Lobão has a reputation for having little inhibition in expressing his opinions bluntly and publicly criticising fellow musicians, which led to a notable number of controversies and enmities.

His best-known recent controversy is a break-up with the record industry. Claiming that all major labels are conspiring to deceive their own artists (by underreporting sales and using piracy as a scapegoat), he set an independent distribution plan to sell music CDs on newsstands and the Internet.

Thus far, this endeavor has been very successful: his recent albums sold well and were critically acclaimed. He also created a magazine, Outracoisa (literally: "Somethingelse" or "Anotherthing"), which comes bundled with a music CD of independent artists.


  • Cena de Cinema (1982)
  • Ronaldo foi pra Guerra (1984)
  • O Rock Errou (1986)
  • Vida Bandida (1987)
  • Cuidado! (1988)
  • Sob o Sol de Parador (1989)
  • Vivo (1990)
  • O Inferno é Fogo (1991)
  • Nostalgia da Modernidade (1995)
  • Noite (1998)
  • A Vida é Doce (1999)
  • 2001: Uma Odisséia no Universo Paralelo (2001)
  • Canções Dentro da Noite Escura (2005)
  • Acústico MTV (2007)

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