Live with.. Chris Moyles

Live With Chris Moyles

Live With Chris Moyles was a British comedy chat show on five, which aired weekdays at 7pm. The show was filmed in front of a live audience in a bar in London.

The show consisted of Moyles' unique take on the day's news, interactive fun and games with competitions such as 'Dancing Letters', and celebrity guests dropping in for a pint and a chat.

Chris Moyles talks about this show in The Difficult Second Book. In it he says how after a show he had a conversation with the producer Chris Evans. During the conversation Chris Moyles said he didn't like the way the show was being made and that anyone could present it. He wanted to give it more of the Chris Moyles fill. After this Chris Evans avoided Chris Moyles until the end of the shows run. Although the show was commissioned for a 2nd series while Chris Moyles was on holiday his agent was sent a press release saying that Christian O'Connell was the new host of the show and that Chris Moyles was moving on to do other things for five.

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