Little D (album)

Little D (album)

Little D is the third album by Fishboy. The album is a tribute to Denton (from whose nickname the album gets its name) and features current and former Denton-based artists like Paul Slavens, Corn Mo, Chris Flemmons (of the Baptist Generals), and Howard Draper (formerly of Shearwater).

Track listing

  1. Intro (for Your Answering Machine)
  2. Cheer Up, Great Pumpkin
  3. That's a...Jellyfish
  4. Quatro
  5. Our Escape
  6. Banana Trees
  7. Tree Star
  8. Water Works
  9. Asian Grain
  10. Gameboy
  11. A Surprise Return
  12. Kichijoji
  13. Start Again (A Story of Two Feuding Denton, TX Neighbors)
  14. Haunted Highway
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