Little Bushkill Creek

Big Bushkill Creek

Big Bushkill Creek (or Bush Kill) is a tributary of the Delaware River in the Poconos of eastern Pennsylvania in the United States.

It originates from Pecks Pond in Pike County. It flows south, entering Pickerel Lake and then into Beaver Run Pond. Most of the stream travels through Delaware State Forest before entering Monroe County. It is also a prominent feature of Resica Falls Scout Reservation.

Bush Kill joins the Delaware River at the Village of Bushkill.


  • Little Bush Kill
  • Sand Hill Creek
  • Saw Creek
  • Spring Run
  • Pennel Run
  • Dancing Ridge Run
  • Utt Run
  • High Swamp Run
  • Sixteen Mile Run
  • Brights Creek
  • Beaver Run
  • Middle Branch Bush Kill
  • There are at least five unnamed tributaries to the Bush Kill

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