List of rice dishes

A list of rice dishes from all over the world, arranged alphabetically.



  • Basmati rice (Northern Indian, Pakistani, and Persian Cuisine, both a species and a dish)
  • Biryani, South Asian preparation of oily spicy rice with meat or vegetables.
  • Bisi bele bath is a spicy preparation of rice, a speciality of Karnataka.
  • Bi pong moun a rice and egg dish, Cambodia
  • Bibimbap (Korean) mixed vegetables on rice
  • Bibingka (Philippines), a rice cake . May be topped with cottage cheese, salted egg or freshly grated shredded young coconut meat.
  • Biko (Philippines) a sweet dish made of sticky rice cooked in coconut milk and sugar and topped with thick caramelized coconut syrup and latik
  • Bokkeumbap (Korean) fried rice, usually with some other ingredient, like kimchi bokkeumbap (Kimchi fried rice)
  • Bhat (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi dish of rice)
  • Boribap (Korean) Rice boiled with barley


  • Chalbap Cooked sweet rice mixed with red beans, jujubes and chestnuts
  • Chitranna is rice preparation made by sauting groundnut,sesaeme seeds , red chilli and turmeric in oil and adding it to cooked rice and mixing. A speciality of Karnataka
  • Rice congee, a type of porridge
  • Curd rice, (popular in Tamil Nadu, India)
  • Curry (India and a large part of Asia)
  • Rice cakes, either
  • Coriander rice (South Indian) Easily made by using boiled rice, coriander paste, oil, chana dal, cumin seeds, jeere, lemon juice and salt.


  • Dahl baht (Nepal) rice and lentil soup
  • Dan Bauk (Myanmar) Burmese style Biryani
  • Dosa / Dosay (India) Rice and lentil pancakes with origins in Udupi, Karnataka. Popular breakfast dish in South India.



  • Fried rice (China)
  • Fried rice (Philippines) day old rice fried in oil with a lot of garlic, usually eaten for breakfast with dried fish, egg and tomatoes.


  • Gallo pinto (Nicaragua/Costa Rica) Central American take on rice and beans
  • Gimbap (Korea), rice wrapped in seaweed
  • Gumbo (Cajun/Creole), considered a soup but served over rice.
  • Goto (Philippines), Thin rice porridge cooked with strips of ox-tripe, ginger, onion, garlic, and garnished with spring onions and calamansi.


  • Htamin Baung - (Myanmar) - steamed rice cooked with chicken and vegetables, of Chinese origin
  • Hoppin' John - (Southern United States) - rice and cowpeas



  • Jambalaya (Cajun/Creole) meat-seafood-vegetable stock to which rice is added..
  • Jollof rice (West Africa) tomato and pepper based stew to which rice is added and boiled in, and usually served with chicken, salad and fried plantain.
  • Jeera rice (South Indian) Steamed rice, jeera, jeera powder, ginger-garlic paste, salt, oil, chana dal and red chillies. Using these ingredients you can cook easily.


  • Kateh (Persia/Iran); a simple Persian sticky-rice dish.
  • Katsudon (Japan); a bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet, egg, and condiments.
  • Kedgeree (Anglo-Indian) flaked fish (usually smoked haddock), boiled rice, eggs and butter.
  • Ketupat (Malaysia) (also called Lontong) - Rice wrapped in coconut leaves weaved pouch, boiled and serve with other food such as Satay, vegetables, fried chicken, curry, etc.
  • Khichdi (Pakistan/India/Bangladesh) Rice cooked with lentils, vegetables and spices
  • Kheer (Pakistan/India/Bangladesh) Sweet dish of rice cooked in milk,dry fruit and sugar. Cooled before serving
  • Kiribath (Sri Lanka) Cooked with coconut milk
  • Kongbap (Korea) - brown or white rice cooked together with beans (and sometimes also other grains)


  • Lemang (Malaysia, Indonesia) - glutinous rice with coconut milk cooked in bamboo stalks over open fire. Traditional dish of the Minangkabau people accompanying Rendang.
  • Loco Moco (Hawaii, U.S.) a bowl of rice topped with a meat patty and gravy, and with a sunny side up egg on top.
  • Lugaw (Philippines) rice congee
  • Lumpia (Philippines) spring rolls wrapper made from rice flour.


  • Milk Rice (Sweet rice with milk) - A dish prepared by adding water, milk, sugar and rice together and putting them on heat till they form a thick paste. Other ingridients can be added such as cinnamon, coconut or raisins. The paste is then put into smaller containers, and can be topped with raisins and/or coconut. The rice is then served either hot or refregirated. Popular in Egypt.
  • Moa'amar (Rice with milk and chicken soup) - A sort of rice made by adding milk and chicken soup to the rice and letting it into the oven. Eaten instead of white rice. Very popular in Egypt.
  • Mosaranna (curd rice) - considered a staple food of brahmins of the Karnataka state of South India. In this dish, curd is added to cooked rice and eaten straight away. Sometimes mustard seeds, red chillies, curry leaves and lentils are fried in oil and added to the dish. To add more flavour, ginger-garlic paste and finely chopped red onions are also added to the yogurt and rice mixture. Fresh, finely chopped cilantro is used as garnish.


  • Nasi goreng (Indonesia), Indonesian fried rice
  • Nasi Kerabu (Malaysia) - Dish from Kelantan, consiting of rice with various wild herbs and spices, grated coconut and dried shrimp or fish
  • Nurungji (Korea) scorched rice, re-boiled
  • Nasi lemak (Malaysia / Indonesia / Singapore), coconut steamed rice


  • Onigiri (Japan) Short grained rice formed into balls with or without savory fillings, a popular snack.


  • Pabellón criollo (Venezuela) rice, shredded beef and stewed black beans.
  • Paella (Spain)
  • Pancit bihon (Philippines) noodle made from rice flour, also refers to the cooked dish made with rice noodles with slivers of meat and/or seafood and vegetables, mainly onions, carrots, beans, cabbage, seasoned with soy sauce and calamansi
  • Pares (Philippines) a dish composed of rice, topped with beef braised with soy sauce seasoned with and garnished with spring onions
  • Pilaf (various cultures)
  • Platillo Moros y Cristianos (Cuba) Rice and beans
  • Plov (Central Asia) medium grain rice with carrots, onions, spices, lamb, and cottonseed oil
  • Rice pudding (dessert)
  • Puso (Cebu,Philippines) rice filled inside a pouch made with woven strips of coconut frond then boiled.
  • Puto (Philippines) A pudding made from stone-ground soaked rice,sugar and often with coconut milk then steamed. Various toppings such as cheese, salted egg, or minced meat may be added .


  • Rice and Peas(Caribbean) Rice with kidney beans, black eyed peas or Pigeon. peas
  • Rice congee (East, Southeast, and South Asia) also called Rice Porridge - a watery rice gruel eaten with various additions or side dishes.
  • Rice pudding (Worldwide) - sweet dish of rice cooked in milk, coconut milk or other thickening liquid. Eaten with various spices, fruits, condiments, etc. in different regions.
  • Risotto (Italy) - Rice dish made by first frying in olive oil or butter after which broth is added.



  • Zongzi (China), glutinous rice, stuffed with various ingredients and wrapped in bamboo leaves
  • Zarda (Pakistan) Sweet dish of rice cooked in banaspati oil with a variety of dried fruits; orange in color

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