Lisa Norris

Lisa Norris

Lisa Norris link Lisa Norris is the prize-winning author of "Toy Guns". She teaches English and Creative Writing at Central Washington University.

Toy Guns is a collection of short stories written from multiple perspectives. Norris explores violence in the contemporary American culture using a variety of first- and third-person narrative styles, and through an assortment of colorful characters-- most of whom are female. The book's focus is on the various ways violent experiences can be articulated: violent threats, acts, memories, suggestions, relationships, games, and other situations dominate the tales spun in Toy Guns. Norris writes with a voice that is both colorful and grave at once. Toy Guns takes a broad, hard look at American violence, examining violence as it relates to the issues of feminism, sexuality, and social responsibility.

Toy Guns was published by Helicon Nine Editions in 1999.


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