Lippy the Lion & Hardy Har Har

Lippy the Lion & Hardy Har Har

Lippy the Lion & Hardy Har Har are a pair of anthropomorphic Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters, a lion in a tattered top hat and vest and a hyena in a hat and bow tie, respectively. The latter's name is ironic, as it's an onomatopoeia for laughter, and Hardy is an eternal pessimist; indeed, one short implies that expression of joy or happiness actually puts Hardy in pain.

Their names seem to be intended as an evocation of Laurel and Hardy, despite the fact that the two pairs have almost nothing in common.


Lippy and Hardy (voiced by Mel Blanc and Daws Butler, respectively) first appeared in "The Hanna-Barbera New Cartoon Series" in 1962, along with Wally Gator and Touché Turtle and Dum Dum.

Their cartoons revolved around ever-hopeful Lippy's attempts to get rich quick, with reluctant Hardy serving as a foil. Whatever the consequences were to Lippy's schemes, Hardy would end up getting the worst of it — a fact he always seemed to realize ahead of time, with his moans of, "Oh me, oh my, oh dear."

In 1971, Lippy and Hardy got their own cartoon show, simply titled "Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har"; it lasted one season.

Since then, the duo have been infrequently included in the cast of Hanna-Barbera's ensemble shows (e.g., "Yogi's Gang"). They were no longer constantly pursuing Lippy's get-rich-quick schemes, but their personalities were unchanged; Lippy was still the smiling optimist, Hardy the moaning pessimist.


  1. See Saw
  2. Watermelon Felon
  3. Scare to Spare
  4. Gulp and Saucer
  5. Map Happy
  6. Smile the Wild
  7. Charge of the Fright Brigade
  8. Film Flam
  9. Gunflighter
  10. Hick Hikers
  11. A Thousand and One Frights
  12. Double Trouble
  13. Laugh a Loaf
  14. Genie is a Meany
  15. Banks for Everything
  16. Fiddle Faddled
  17. Kidnap Trap
  18. Witch Crafty
  19. Gas Again
  20. Horse and Waggin
  21. Baby Bottled
  22. Hard Luck Hardy
  23. Show Use
  24. Injun Trouble
  25. Mouse in the House
  26. Crazy Cat Capers
  27. Phoney Pony
  28. Egg Experts
  29. Rabbit Romeo
  30. Bird in the Hand
  31. Legion Heirs
  32. Hoots and Saddles
  33. Monster Mix-Up
  34. Bye Bye Fly Guy
  35. Wooden Nickels
  36. Two for the Road
  37. Kings X
  38. Amusement Park Lark
  39. T for Two
  40. Tiny Troubles
  41. Flood for a Thought
  42. Hocus Pocus
  43. Sham-Rocked
  44. Old Fuddy Duds
  45. Chow You Feelings
  46. Easy Does It
  47. Drop Me a Lion
  48. Map Sap
  49. Shark Shock
  50. No Spooking Allowed
  51. Me-My-Mine
  52. Together Mess



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Other Appearances

  • Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har were seen in Yogi's Ark Lark. In one scene, Lippy was fed up with Hardy's behavior when those that were on the Noah's Ark were getting bored looking for the perfect place. Though, he did save Hardy when the Ark ended up in a storm. Both of them were also in the TV movie's spin-off series Yogi's Gang. In both appearances, Hardy Har Har was voiced by John Stephenson (possibly cause Mel Blanc was presumably unavailable) while Daws Butler reprised Lippy.
  • Lippy and Hardy appeared in the 1977 Hanna Barbera comic book issue called "The Flintstones' Christmas Party."
  • Lippy and Hardy had appeared in an episode of Yogi's Treasure Hunt.
  • Lippy and Hardy appeared in the "Fender Bender 500" segment of Wake, Rattle, and Roll where Lippy was voiced by Dom DeLuise and Hardy was voiced by Jess Harnell.
  • Hardy Har Har was seen as a teenager in Yo Yogi!, voiced by Rob Paulsen. His appearance was in the episode "Tricky Dickie's Dirty Trickies" where, after Dick Dastardly does something to get Yogi fired from the L.A.F. Squad, Yogi ended up hanging out with Hardy. For some reason, Lippy the Lion wasn't in this series.

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