Linoleum (band)

Linoleum (band)

Linoleum were a London based indie / alternative musical group active during the late 1990s. Its original line up consisted of Caroline Finch - vocals/guitar, Paul Jones - guitar, Emma Tornaro - bass and Dave Nice - drums. This line up changed slightly in 2000 when Paul Jones left the band to join Elastica, he was replaced by Gavin Pearce.

The first few releases in the UK were released on the band's own label "lino vinyl" and featured sleeves made from linoleum, some of which the band cut out themselves. In December 1996 the band were signed by Geffen for all releases in the rest of the world. The debut album Dissent was recorded at Fort Apache Studios in Cambridge, Massachusetts with Paul Kolderie and Sean Slade producing whose previous efforts included projects with Radiohead, Hole and the Pixies among others. It received a generally positive reaction but failed to make the breakthrough hoped for leading to a change of label with Fierce Panda releasing later singles and second album The Race from the Burning Building. It is rumoured that they got dropped by their label because of the band (not Caroline) failing to turn up for a gig - their excuse was that their gear was stolen.

The current status of the band in unknown although since 2000 Caroline Finch has been involved in the composition of soundtracks for various films.


UK singles

  • "Dissent" (1996) lino vinyl
  • "Smear" (1996) lino vinyl
  • "On A Tuesday" (1997) lino vinyl
  • "Marquis" (1997) lino vinyl
  • "Your Back Again" (1999) fierce panda
  • "I'm In Love With A German Film Star" (2000) fierce panda

UK albums

Track listing: Restriction, Marquis, Dissent, Stay Awhile, On A Tuesday, Dangerous Shoes, Ray Liotta, She's Sick, Twisted, Beds, Unresolved, Ways to Escape, Ether.

Track listing: Your Back Again, Black Dress, Don't Come Down, Sirens, 29, I'm in Love with a German Film Star, Libertine, Sing to Me, Til Daylight Found Them, This Scene, FIN.

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