Lined day gecko

Lined day gecko

Lined day gecko (Phelsuma lineata lineata Gray, 1842) is a diurnal subspecies of geckos. It lives in central Madagascar and typically inhabits different trees and houses. The Lined day gecko feeds on insects and nectar.

Scientific synonyms:

  • Phelsuma lineatum Gray, 1842
  • Phelsuma minuthi Börner, 1980 (status uncertain, dubious species)


This lizard belongs to the smallest day geckos. It can reach a total length of about 12 cm. The body colour is dark green. The back is covered with small red dots. A red stripe extends from the nostril to the eye. The green dorsal surface is separated from the white underside by a black lateral stripe.


The Lined day gecko inhabits central Madagascar. It is common around the capital city Antananarivo.


Phelsuma lineata lineata is often found near human dwellings. It inhabits different trees, fences and buildings


These day geckos feed on various insects and other invertebrates. They also like to lick soft, sweet fruit, pollen and nectar.


These geckos are most active after the coldests months June-August.


The pairing season is between November and the first weeks of May. During this period, the females lay up to 6 pairs of eggs.

Care and maintenance in captivity

These animals should be housed in pairs and need a large, well planted terrarium. The temperature should be about 28°C (locally around 30°C) during the day and drop to around 20°C at night. The humidity should be maintained between 65 and 75%. It is also important to simulate the colder months (lower day temperature) In captivity, these animals can be fed with crickets, wax moth larvae, fruit flies, mealworms and houseflies.


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