Liberty Ciccone

Liberty Ciccone

Liberty Ciccone is a fictional character on the daytime soap opera As The World Turns. She has been played by Meredith Hagner since April 24, 2008.

Character history

The only daughter of Brad Snyder and Janet Ciccone, Liberty appears at her father's 2008 wedding to Katie Peretti. Her mother Janet — a high school girlfriend of Brad's — soon follows, and Brad and Katie initially think Janet and Liberty's paternity claims are false; a subsequent DNA reveals that Liberty is indeed Brad's daughter.

Liberty falls in love with her adoptive cousin Parker Snyder, and both lose their virginity with each other on July 24, 2008. After their parents find out, they are forbidden to see each other, and Brad puts many obstacles between them. Parker is persistent. Brad sets his daughter up on a date with a WOAK intern in a plan for Parker to see Liberty with another man and forget about her. However, the date goes dangerously awry and Parker saved Liberty from rape. The young couple are soon allowed to see each other again as long as they are supervised by an adult.

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