Libera Me

Libera Me (album)

Libera Me (en: "Set Me Free") is the third album (not including the English version, The Dark Side) by Spanish power metal band DarkSun, released on September 29, 2008.

Libera Me was produced by lead vocalist Daniel González. David Figueiras has performed the lead guitars, now that González has lef the guitars and centred mainly on vocal duties. The drums were played by former member Dani Cabal, who playd on the band's first album El Legado and returned to the group from 2007 to 2008, being replaced by current drumer José Ojeda. The keybatrds were played by Ana Fernandes, who replaced Víctor Fernández after leaving on the summer of 2007. "Miedo" was the first single for the album and also the new videoclip of the band, which was directed and produced by Jacinto Hinojal. The album contained special features, like the video clip, pictures of the making off. The cover was created by Daniel Alonso, who has also worked for bands like WarCry, Hard Spirit, among others.

Track listing

  1. Libera Me
  2. Para siempre
  3. Miedo
  4. Huellas en la Arena
  5. Tan Lejos
  6. La Sombra tras el Cristal
  7. Voces en la Oscuridad
  8. Lágrimas de un Ángel
  9. Saltar al Vacío
  10. Libre como el Amanecer
  11. Alma
  12. Odio Eterno


  • Dani González - vocals
  • Tino Hevia - guitars
  • David Figueiras - guitars
  • Pedro Junquera - bass
  • Ana Fernández - keyboards
  • Daniel Cabal - drums

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