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Larry Sanders, better know by his stage name L.V. whose initials stand for "Large Variety", is an American R&B singer.

He's best known for his collaboration with rapper Coolio on the hit single, "Gangsta's Paradise". He has been featured on multiple soundtracks since then, and has released two solo albums to date.

L.V. is member of the gangsta rap group South Central Cartel since the beginnings of the group. He usually sings the vocals and chorus.


L.V. grew up with a father who sang gospel music along with the radio every morning, and this helped hook him on singing. He won a high school talent contest by performing L.T.D.'s "Concentrate on You," joined the Los Angeles City College choir, and contributed R&B vocals to a neighborhood rap group, the South Central Cartel.

According to sources, L.V. survived gunshot wounds in a case remarkably similar to 50 Cent. L.V. not only survived being shot nine times at close range, but he spent eight months in the hospital and a year and a half in a wheelchair. He eventually recovered completely and has been able to walk without a noticeable limp ever since.

Later years

Following his success with "Gangsta's Paradise", L.V. landed a contract with Tommy Boy Records, which released his debut album I Am L.V. in 1996. This album didn't spawn many singles, except for "Gangsta's Boogie". The album does feature, however, a version of "Gangsta's Paradise" without rap lyrics.

How Long was L.V.'s follow up album to I Am L.V., which didn't garner very much attention upon its release in 2000. It was also released on Loud Records instead of Tommy Boy Records. Unlike L.V.'s last album, this album features guest appearances by the likes of Raekwon and Shari Watson.


Solo albums

Year Title Chart positions
Heatseekers Top R&B/Hip hop albums
1996 I Am L.V. - #100
2000 How Long #33 #59

Solo singles

Year Title Chart positions Album
Hot R&B/Hip hop songs
1996 "I Am L.V." #87 I Am L.V.
2000 "How Long" #46 How Long


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