Lex Hortensia

Lex Hortensia

In Roman law, Lex Hortensia (287 BCE) was the final result of the long class struggle between patricians and plebeians, where the plebeians would periodically secede from the city in protest when they felt the were deprived of their rights. The secession of 287 would prove to be the final one, because in response the dictator Quintus Hortensius sponsored a law which gave citizen assemblies presided over by a tribune the right to enact laws binding on the entire community (as opposed to only the plebeians). These laws, passed by the plebeians, became known as plebiscites. Because the law was sponsored by Quintus Hortensia, it became known as the Lex Hortensia, or "the law of Hortensia."

Other laws concerning the status of plebeians were:

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