Levidi (Λεβίδι), Arcadia, Greece is a small town and a municipality located in northcentral Peloponnese about 25 km via the bypass and 20 km north of Tripoli(s). The village sits on the eastern part of the slope of the Mainalo mountains and is also built over. The pine forests are surrounding the town while slopes lies to the west. The urban area's longest length from west and the east of about 600 to 800 m long and about 400 m to 500 m wide. The valley which contains potato and mixed farming is about 500 m lower which extends up to near Kandila and is east of Levidi. The city is passed by GR-74 and GR-33 for westbound lanes (Tripoli - Patras and Tripoli - Pyrgos). It also accesses for another road especially to GR-66. It is located about 130 km SE of Patras, S of Stymfalia, about 90 km SW of Corinth, W of Argos, WNW of Sparta, N of Kalamata, NNE of Kyparissia and E of Pyrgos.

Currently is facing a constructiom boom.

Communities and subdivisions


It was the site of several battles during the Greek War of Independence from the Ottoman Empire.

The en:Wiktionary Appendix:Surnames begin with t Tsardikos originated in Levidi.


Levidi has a school, a lyceum, a gymnasium, banks, a post office, taverns, a hotel including one that is named Arkadia and squares (plateies) which is located slightly west of the town hall at GR-74/northbound GR-33 near the forests.

Historical population

Year Population Change Municipal population Change
1981 1,442 - - -
1991 1,142 -300/-20.8% 4,334 -
2003 1,219 77/6.74% 4,131 -203/-4.68%

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