Levi Seacer

Levi Seacer, Jr.

Levi Seacer, Jr. is an American musician. He was an early associate of Sheila E. when he was tapped by Prince to form a new touring band after the demise of The Revolution in 1986. Seacer became the band's bassist, as well as a backing vocalist. Later, he began collaborating with Prince as a songwriter on several projects. Seacer was a founding member of Prince's New Power Generation in 1991, switching from bass to the band's guitarist. He remained a member of the band until 1993, and also participated in the later version of Madhouse. After leaving the Prince camp in 1993, Seacer has worked as a producer and session musician on various projects, most notably the gospel music ensemble Sounds of Blackness.

In October 1998, Seacer (along with Tony M.) filed a lawsuit against Prince, claiming that Prince hadn't shared royalties that Levi and Tony were owed for songs they had co-written for Prince's NPG Publishing, including "Sexy M.F." and "My Name Is Prince". In the end Mosely and Seacer settled for approximately $40,000 each (apparently, not even enough to pay their legal expenses), having sued Prince for $800,000. (source: http://groups.google.com/group/alt.music.prince/msg/41f781b47323b648)

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