Letterland is a system for teaching children basic literacy: how to read, write and spell using a synthetic phonics approach. It is set in an imaginary Letterland, populated with pictogram-based characters . These characters are a fusion of letters and animated characters. It was originally developed by Lyn Wendon, and first published in 1985. It is available in English and Spanish.

Character names

Alphabet character names can change. These are some of the most commonly used character names:
Letter Name
A Annie Apple
B Bouncy Ben
C Clever Cat
D Dippy Duck
E Eddy Elephant
F Firefighter Fred
G Golden Girl
H Harry Hat Man
I Impy Ink
J Jumping Jim
K Kicking King
L Lucy Lamp Light
M Munching Mike
N Naughty Nick
O Oscar Orange
P Peter Puppy
Q Quarrelsome Queen
R Robber Red
S Sammy Snake
T Talking Tess
U Uppy Umbrella
V Vicky Violet
W Wicked Witch
X Fix It Man
Y Yellow Yo-Yo Man
Z Zippy Zebra

Additionally, the vowels also had careers named simply Mr A, Mr E, Mr I, Mr O, Mr U and their families.

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