Lesser Caucasus

Lesser Caucasus

Lesser Caucasus (Azeri: Kiçik Qafqaz Dağları, Georgian: მცირე კავკასიონი, Малый Кавказ, sometimes translated as "Caucasus Minor") is one of the two main mountain ranges of Caucasus mountains, of length about 600 km.

It runs parallel to the Greater Caucasus, at a distance averaging about 100 km (60 mi) south and limits the Armenian Highland from the North and North-East.

It is connected to the Greater Caucasus by the Likh Range (Suram Range) and separated from it by the Kolkhida Lowland in the West and Kura Depression (by Kura River) in the East.

The highest peak is Gyamysh, 3724 m.

The borders of Georgia, Armenia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, and Iran run through the range, although its crest does not usually define the border.

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