[le-aw-nee; Eng. ley-oh-nee]
Leoni, Leone, 1509-90, Italian sculptor and medalist, called Leone Aretino. Entering the service of the emperor, Charles V, he devoted himself to making statues, busts, and reliefs for the imperial family. His Charles V Repressing Violence and other works are in the Prado. His son, Pompeo Leoni, c.1533-1608, who worked with him, continued in the imperial service. His most important works were kneeling bronze figures of Charles V and Philip II, with their families, for the sanctuary in the Escorial. He executed many fine tomb monuments with figures at prayer, including two effigies now in the Hispanic Society, New York City.

See study by B. I. Proske (1956).

Leoni, Raúl, 1905-72, president of Venezuela (1964-69). As a student (1921) he was jailed for political activity and during the next 37 years was several times exiled. He returned to Caracas after the overthrow of President Pérez Jiménez in 1958, was elected to the senate, and became leader of the Democratic Action party. As president, he continued Rómulo Betancourt's social and economic reforms and launched an ambitious program to develop the interior. His succession by Rafael Caldera, a Social Christian, marked the first time in Venezuelan history that power was peacefully transferred to a member of an opposition party.
Leoni is an Italian surname and can refer to:

  • Bruno Leoni (1913-1967), Italian political philosopher (classical liberalism) and lawyer
  • Endrio Leoni (born 1968), Italian road bicycle racer
  • Franco Leoni (1864-1949), Italian opera composer (L'Oracolo)
  • Giacomo Leoni (1686-1946), English architect, also known as James Leoni
  • Gianni Leoni, Italian motorcycle racer
  • Leone Leoni (1509-1590), Italian Renaissance sculptor and medallist (or his son Pompeo)
  • Michael Leoni, (c. 1750-1797) stage name of Myer Lyon, English-German-Jewish tenpr singer
  • Lodovico Leoni (1531-1606), Italian painter, father of
  • Ottavio Leoni (1578-1630), Italian painter, son of Lodovico
  • Téa Leoni (born 1966), American actress

It may also refer to:

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