Leonel Antonio Fernández Reyna

Leonel Antonio Fernández Reyna

Fernández Reyna, Leonel Antonio, 1953-, Dominican political leader, president of the Dominican Republic (1996-2000, 2004-), b. Santo Domingo. He spent his childhood in New York City and later earned a doctorate in law and politics from the Autonomous Univ. of Santo Domingo. He practiced law, and joined the Dominican Liberation party (PLD) when it was founded (1973) by former president Juan Bosch, his mentor. Fernández held several party posts but was relatively unknown until he was Bosch's vice presidential running mate in 1994. After Bosch lost and then stepped down as head of the party, Fernández succeeded him as PLD leader. Joaquín Balaguer, who had won in 1994, left office under pressure after two years, and in 1996 Fernández was elected president. He was defeated by Hipólito Mejía Dominguez in 2000, but in 2004 Fernández was again elected to the presidency, and he retained the office in 2008.
Fernández is a common surname derived from the Spanish language meaning "son of Fernando."

It is the second most popular name in Spain.

Fernández - (Son of Fernando, from Germanic Fredenand or Fridnand. Most of the common Spanish surnames originating from Germanic first names were introduced in Spain during centuries V-VII by the Visigoths, so almost all of them are from the Visigoth tradition)

The German name that it derives from means "brave traveler."

The Arabized version of this surname is Ibn Faranda. It was used by the Mozarabs and Muwallads in Al-Andalus.

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