Lent Bumps 2002

Lent Bumps 2002

The Lent Bumps 2002 were a series of rowing races held at Cambridge University from Wednesday March 1, 2002 until Saturday March 4, 2002. The event was run as a bumps race and is the most recent in the series of Lent Bumps which have been held annually in late-February or early March since 1887. See Lent Bumps for the format of the races. In 2002, a total of 121 crews took part (69 men's crews and 52 women's crews), with around 1000 participants in total. Several thousand spectators came to watch, particularly on the Saturday.

The bumps were scheduled to run from Tuesday February 28. The racing was cancelled on the Tuesday due to extremely strong and gusty winds. Crews in the 1st divisions were unaffected by the cancellation, since the first scheduled race for the top divisions was on Wednesday.

Head of the River crews

Caius men bumped First and Third Trinity and Emmanuel to regain the headship they lost in 2000.

Emmanuel women bumped Trinity Hall and Jesus to take their 10th headship of the Lent Bumps since 1988.

Highest 2nd VIIIs

The highest men's 2nd VIII for the 3rd consecutive year was Caius II.

The highest women's 2nd VIII for the 2nd consecutive year was Jesus II.

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Bumps Charts

Below are the bumps charts for the 1st and 2nd divisions, with the men's event on the left and women's event on the right. The bumps chart represents the progress of every crew over all four days of the racing. To follow the progress of any particular crew, simply find the crew's name on the left side of the chart and follow the line to the end-of-the-week finishing position on the right of the chart.

Pos Crew Men's Bumps Chart Crew Pos Crew Women's Bumps Chart Crew Pos
1 Emmanuel

Caius 1 Jesus

Emmanuel 1
2 1st & 3rd Trinity Lady Margaret 2 Trinity Hall Jesus 2
3 Caius 1st & 3rd Trinity 3 Emmanuel Lady Margaret 3
4 Lady Margaret Emmanuel 4 Lady Margaret Caius 4
5 Christ's Christ's 5 Newnham Downing 5
6 Downing Downing 6 Caius Trinity Hall 6
7 Trinity Hall Jesus 7 Christ's Newnham 7
8 Jesus Trinity Hall 8 Downing Christ's 8
9 Robinson St. Catharine's 9 Pembroke Queens' 9
10 Clare Robinson 10 Queens' Clare 10
11 Churchill Churchill 11 New Hall New Hall 11
12 Selwyn Clare 12 Clare Churchill 12
13 St. Catharine's Selwyn 13 Churchill Pembroke 13
14 Girton Caius II 14 1st & 3rd Trinity Girton 14
15 Caius II Pembroke 15 Girton 1st & 3rd Trinity 15
16 Fitzwilliam Sidney Sussex 16 Fitzwilliam St. Catharine's 16
17 Pembroke Girton 17 St. Catharine's Sidney Sussex 17

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