Leizhou Peninsula

Leizhou Peninsula

The Leizhou Peninsula is a peninsula in the southernmost part of Guangdong province in southern China.


Leizhou Peninsula is located on the southwestern end of Guangdong, with the Gulf of Tonkin to the west and the 30 km wide Qiongzhou Strait to the south, separating the peninsula from Hainan Island/Province.

Geologically, basalt terraces account for 43% of the peninsula's area. The rest is divided up between marine terraces (27%) and alluvial plains (17%). Leizhou Peninsula is dotted with a few inactive volcanoes, beaches and low-lying diluvial plains.


The peninsula lies in tropical South China. The region is under the influence of continental northeastern monsoons and maritime southeastern and southwestern monsoons. Typhoons occasionally occur, both from the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea. Annual precipitation is of 1400–1700 mm.


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