Legs (song)

Legs (song)

"Legs" is a song performed by the band ZZ Top from their 1983 album Eliminator. The song was released as a single in 1984 and reached #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. The song's lyrics feature a sexual double entendre, a signature found in many ZZ Top songs (in particular on Eliminator, with songs such as "Legs", "I Got the Six", "Bad Girl", and "If I Could Only Flag Her Down").

Kid Rock covered the song for the WWE produced album, Forceable Entry in 2002. It was used as WWE Diva Stacy Keibler's entrance theme.

Music video

A pretty, yet unassuming, salesgirl enters a burger joint to place an order, only to be harassed by nearly everyone there. The only one who does not harass her is a handsome and friendly young cook who is bullied by his co-workers. The salesgirl takes her order and escapes from her tormentors, leaving behind her glasses in haste. The cook retrieves the salesgirl's glasses and runs after her to the shoe store where she works.

The salesgirl is further abused by her boss, the store owner, and the senior salesman, who both literally push her around, as a store customer laughs raucously at the salesgirl's misfortune. The cook runs into the shop and enters the stock room to return the salesgirl's glasses. She shyly thanks him, but the store owner and salesman arrive to throw the cook out. The Eliminator pulls up and the Eliminator girls (Jeana Tomasino, Kymberly Herrin, and Danièle Arnaud) emerge. They help the cook to his feet, dust him off, then enter the shoe store through the back, where they find the dejected salesgirl. After the Eliminator girls put the salesgirl's abusers in their place, the ZZ Top band members appear to present the salesgirl with the key to the Eliminator.

The salesgirl is whisked away for a complete makeover; new hairstyle, makeup, and sexy new wardrobe, including spike heels (and sexy lace-trimmed ankle socks) from her now-doting boss. The Eliminator arrives at the burger joint from earlier, where the salesgirl debuts her confident new self. She strides into the restaurant with the Eliminator girls behind her. With the help of friendly male customers, the salesgirl gets her man as the Eliminator girls keep the more aggressive men at bay. The happy pair leave the restaurant hand in hand and ride away in a dune buggy. The Eliminator girls invite some of the friendly male customers to join them and the Eliminator drives away as the ZZ Top band members appear one last time to wave at the camera.

The video won the 1984 MTV Video Music Award for Best Group Video. This was the first year the award was given. The video was directed by and cinematography by commercial and music video Director Tim Newman. Newman also directed the music videos "Gimme All Your Lovin'" and "Sharp Dressed Man" for ZZ Top and "I Love LA" for his cousin Randy Newman. "Legs" was edited by Sim Sadler and Bob Sarles. Sarles and Sadler were both nominated for Best Editing awards for the first MTV Video Music Awards, the Billboard Music Video Awards, and the American Music Video Awards for editing "Legs."


Chart Peak
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 8
U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play 13
UK Singles Chart 16

Other versions

Trace Adkins released a country version of the song in 2002 for the album Sharp Dressed Men: A Tribute to ZZ Top.

Kid Rock covered the song in 2002 for WWE diva Stacy Kiebler's theme song.

pop culture

Flight of the conchords mentioned it in their episode 'new fans'

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