Lechenaultia linarioides

Lechenaultia linarioides

Lechenaultia linarioides, commonly named Yellow Leschenaultia, is a shrub found in Southwest Australia.


A sprawling to prostrate shrub up to 1.5 metres high. Branches can reach a length of 1 metre. Branchlets arch upwardly and are covered in scattered leaves, this gives a sometimes tangled appearance to the plant. Flowers are red, pink, yellow, and creamy in colour. Two narrow upper lobes are reddish, with three lower lobes that are yellowish, larger, and spreading. The tubular Calyx is red and a short corolla tube is partly swollen. Leaves are linear, between 5 and 15 millimetres long, 2 millimetres across, and scattered on the branchlets, the flowers appear at the terminal. The fruit occurs as a capsule, cylindical in shape.


The species is found along the Western coast from Shark Bay to the Swan Coastal Plain, on near-coastal sands or sandplains. Often occurring on dunes and hills, it is also associated with limestone or on red clay. Lechenaultia linarioides is also found inland on sand.


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