League Managers Association

The League Managers Association (LMA) is the organisation which collectively represents all Premiership and Football League managers in English football. The LMA's current president is Fabio Capello, its chief executive is Richard Bevan, and the chairman is Howard Wilkinson.

It was set up in 1992 during the period when football in England was undergoing major changes, including the split of the Premiership from the rest of the football league, and the introduction of satellite television coverage of football by Sky Television.

The LMA collects and represents the opinions of all 92 managers of the above leagues. The LMA lobbies with the expertise of their members on various matters to football's governing organisations. Representatives of the LMA now sit on various Football Association panels charged with helping to run the game in England.

The President of the LMA also serves as the coach of the English national team

LMA Manager Game Series

(A link to LMA Manager 2007 game information can be found here)

The LMA added their name to a series of football management simulation games for the PlayStation 2, and for 2007 the PC.

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