Lazhar Hadj Aïssa


Moulay Aïssa ben Idriss II (Aïssa ben idrīs ben idrīs ben `abd allah ben al-ḥasan) was born in Fez, Morocco in the 9th century. He was the son of Idriss II and the descendant of both Idriss I and hid brother Suleyman the sultan of Tlemcen. He was the governor of the region of Salé.

Idrissid branch

Among the families that are Idrissid (descendant of Idriss I), issued from Aissa:

The Debbagh or Debbarh : Issued from Aïssa ben Idris II governor of Salé, they had left the city of Salé and established themselves Grenada, Spain during the Almoravides reign. And they came back to Morocco in the beginning of the Mérinides reign. Reknown for their mysticism, they issued an important number of soufis, Abd-el-Aziz Debbagh is among the remembered thinkers.


Pure Gold from the Words of Sayyidi Abd al-Aziz al-Dabbagh: Al-Dhabab al-Ibriz min Kalam Sayyidi Abd al-Aziz al-Dabbagh (Basic Texts of Islamic Mysticism) (Basic Texts of Islamic Mysticism) (Hardcover) Language: English ISBN-10: 9004164154 ISBN-13: 978-9004164154

Paroles d'or : Kitâb al-Ilbrîz Language : French ISBN-10: 2914916973 ISBN-13: 978-2914916974

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