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Whitby—Oshawa is a federal and provincial electoral district in Ontario, Canada, that has been represented in the Canadian House of Commons since 2004 and the Legislative Assembly of Ontario since the 2007 provincial election.

Riding history

The federal riding was created in 2003 from 68 per cent Whitby—Ajax, 20 per cent of Oshawa and three per cent of Durham. The provincial electoral district was created from the same ridings in 2007.

It consists of the Town of Whitby and northwestern section of the City of Oshawa (specifically, the portion of the city lying north and west of a line drawn from the western city limit east along King Street West, north along the Oshawa Creek, east along Rossland Road West, north along Simcoe Street North, and east along Winchester Road East to the eastern city limit).


  • Population: 135,893
  • Number of electors on list: 94,938
  • Ethnic Groups: 90.4% White, 3.0% Black, 2.4% South Asian, 1.3% Chinese, 2.9% Other
  • Languages: 84.0% English, 11.3% Non-official, 2.0% French
  • Religion: 41.5% Protestant, 33.3% Catholic, 17.2% No affiliation, 8.0% Other denominations
  • Average household income: $80 161

Federal electoral district

Members of Parliament

This riding has elected the following Members of Parliament:

Parliament Years Member Party
Durham, Oshawa and Whitby—Ajax prior to 2003
38th 2004-2006     Judi Longfield Liberal
39th 2006-     Jim Flaherty Conservative

Federal election results

Provincial electoral district

Members of Provincial Parliament

The riding has elected the following Members of Provincial Parliament:

  1. Christine Elliott, Progressive Conservative (2007-present, elected to Whitby—Ajax in 2006)

Provincial election results

Christine Elliott 22,687 44.0 Laura Hammer 18,560 36.0 Nigel Moses 5,733 11.1 Doug Anderson 3,745 7.3 Marty Gobin 411 0.8 Dale Chilvers 277 0.5 Bill Frampton 152 0.3

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Ontario electoral reform referendum, 2007
Side Votes %
First Past the Post 33461 65.9%
Mixed member proportional 17306 34.1%