Laughing Boy

Laughing Boy

Laughing Boy is a 1929 novel by Oliver La Farge about the clash between American culture and that of the southwestern Native American. It won the Pulitzer Prize for the Novel in 1930.


A novel about a boy named Laughing Boy who is in search for wealth and popularity among his Navajo tribe, located in T'o Tlakai. He comes upon a woman of who he really likes, Slim Girl. They later marry without the full approval of his family. They move to Slim Girl's residence where they live for about four years or so. She secretly makes money from another man just for being around him. She tells Laughing Boy that she works for a woman in town. While he makes his money from the designing and producing jewelry of his own and selling horses. They live a happy life together for many years bringing things from each others' culture into their relationship. When Laughing Boy chases a stallion for many days in order to make a good sell he runs into an American man of whom he shoots at. While doing so he accidently catches Slim Girl with an arrow unknowing of her being there. (This is where she made her money) He soon heals her while she tells him everything that has been going on and all of her past life. They become even closer. They decide to move up North where they can settle and have kids. On their long journey an ungrateful friend of Slim Girl shoots at the couple three times, as they flea from the gunfire Slim Girl reveals that she has been shot. She slowly dies in Laughing Boy's arms. He mourns her death for a total of four days before moving on. He comes across a small tribe and decides to rest and settle there for a while. He knows he will always be lonely but never alone.

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