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Latin Mass Society of England and Wales

The Latin Mass Society of England and Wales is a Roman Catholic society based in England and Wales that is dedicated to making the Traditional Latin Mass more widely available. It is affiliated to the international organisation Una Voce.

The aims of the Society as defined in its Constitution are:

  • To uphold the teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church as defined by the Council of Trent in matters pertaining to the liturgy and to religious observance.
  • To promote the regular and frequent public celebration of Holy Mass in accordance with the rite established by the Council of Trent and in the Latin language.
  • To encourage the study, appreciation and use in worship of the traditional music of the Church and especially Gregorian Chant.
  • To work for the continued and wider use of the Latin language in the Church's worship, teaching and administration.
  • To provide a means whereby the laity may communicate to the Hierarchy their need and desires in matters pertaining to the foregoing objects.

The Society publishes a schedule of Tridentine Masses approved by the bishops throughout England and Wales.


The Latin Mass Society was founded in 1965 to seek the preservation of the Immemorial Rites of Worship and the use of Latin, continuing the practice of the Church from very early times.

After the New Order of Mass was introduced in 1970, the late John Cardinal Heenan obtained in November 1971 a Papal Indult, under which any Bishop in England and Wales could permit celebration of the Old Mass for the benefit of a group of the faithful and, in October 1984, Pope John Paul II granted an Indult to every Bishop in the world allowing the celebration of the Mass according to the Roman Missal of 1962.

In 1974, following an appeal to Cardinal Heenan, the Hierarchy of England and Wales "recognised the right of Catholics to leave instructions regarding the rite to be used at their Requiem Mass", and they accordingly so informed the clergy. Small cards bearing this statement are issued to all members on enrolment.


The Latin Mass Society is structured on a diocesan basis with a representative in each of the diocese of England and Wales. The headquarters of the society is based at its office in London.

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